Volunteers Wanted

Len ChappellForces Online Blog

With all the main projects now completed we are looking for volunteers to help us expand our reach and accessability. There is no upper age. The minimum age is 18. We are Disability Enabled which means we do not have any retrictions to helping us. The work is varied, but you can choose your niche. The team are a friendly and family orientated bunch, who would make you feel at home. With positions both on and offline you are bound to find something to suite you. Even if you can only space half an hour a week we are happy to hear from you. Of course people from the armed forces community, and/or passionate about helping our Armed Forces Veterans, their families and dependents would be desirable, but people just wanting to help is key. We don’t mind if you already or work with another veterans organisation we can look at sharing. In the first instance call 0300 300 2288 for an informal discussion or email len.chappell@forcesonine.org.uk for more information. You can of course go through NewVolunteers | Forces Online to complete our basic application.