Bogus Collectors

Len ChappellForces Online Blog

Forces Online does have a few associates one of which is (VIN) which our web team now manage. We have been notified that VIN has been out collecting. Firstly they are not a charitiy, and secondly I have had words with the owner who has confirmed that they have no such involvement. Forces Online does have teams and are occasionally spotted. Out teams will have an official banner with may have either the Veterans Directory badge or the Forces Online Scotand badge on them, as well as the official 0300 300 2288 number and website URL on them. They will all have official ID cards on them, and official leaflets and collection buckets. Currently we do not use any of our associates for collections and awareness. If you see any suspicious collecters with VIN please take a photo and send it to and alert the police and local council. The same applies to any Forces Online teams who do not have an official banner or leaflets.