Trusted Wellbeing is an app which I first saw a number of months ago, in an unrelated meeting, and following this I visited the developers in Milton Keynes. The developers of the app work in engineering. The app itself was developed as a side line project to work with a member of the family, allowing friends, family and other groups to help with their wellbeing.  Having seen the app first hand and the power of the combined components I quickly realised that this is something that could be added to the toolbox for monitoring Vulnerable Veterans.

We are now trialling the app on behalf of the developers. See the details belwo the video presentation.

Len (FO CEO)

The Forces Online Trusted Wellbeing is not something you can apply to join.  It is a  stand-alone app not connected with any Social Media Platform, and is located in the Google Cloud.  It is secure and follows the latest GDPR regulations.  To join you need to provide some contact details and we have opted to use email for this.  Your email is not added to any mailing list or kept on our system.  It is used to send you a numerical code and link to join the Forces Online Trusted Wellbeing app.  Use the form below to send us your details through our secure website below and we will add you to the app and send you the setup details to the email provided.

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Once you submit your details it can take up to 1 working day for the link to appear in your email..